Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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"The miracle of existence" - Robin Damore received messages

The transparent with pink or blue label identifying the sex, were grouped in fours in a row in the courtroom. The locations were occupied almost entirely. Marcelo

Miguelito who was perceived more by hunch that knowledge.
could not arrive in time to the birth of their first child. One of the many cuts picketers stopped him, and whore more than a couple of ogres hidden behind a scarf over his face, do not let him pass. Had triggered fast labor and was sweating even though the hospital could not witness the miracle of love.
found out by Laura and knew he was right. That left him alone and then sat in front of the window and waited impatiently for the curtain.
When ran, he sensed that the third home of the first row right towards the glass, that was Miguelito.
The nurse looked around the room and saw him with the cream Marcelo pressed against the glass. He gestured to wait. Marcelo
ignored him. I could not distract the eyes of the fussy baby.
- How to explain? How to find the right words? How to avoid falling into the easy way? How to explain a feeling? How do I make you meat? How do I keep stealing your heart? How to know if you listening ...? Marcelo
did all these questions behind the glass warm, so close that his nose breathing caused clouds.
"I know. I'll tell you in a bit so that it digieras. Do not hurry up the file and let you gently I can understand. Miguelito
slept with his arms up. Every now and then shook his head and kicked to the side slightly. "But
pucha ... Moves as this kid ...! If it goes right to the second name will be handed out Lisandro and if Reuben, but with hands as well ... hmmm ... Ubaldo Matildo Duck do not like and I may not ogres of civil ... Mom if ... but I put Augustine and ready.
assumptions and imagined situations when he saw two arms seized by Miguelito. In a masterly manner, the nurse brought it to him and left no doubts.
Approaching the glass and placed almost vertically in front of her father, Miguelito's eyes widened.
Marcelo's heart stopped when those big blue eyes looked at him. Cursed failing to stop the moisture from his eyes. They are rubbed over and over again to see better.
could not issue a word. He was heard just to say "I love you" ...
An arm around him back. It was his mother who put her head on his shoulder.
- Did you see old? It appears that inherited the old blue eyes! Marcelo said squeezing a small Racing shirt in his right hand and a bouquet of white roses on the left.
She only managed to say:
- Do you know? You were just like ... You came to the ear and sang a verse of the Nano: "... often the children look like us and give us the first satisfaction ..."


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