Friday, April 29, 2011

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returns to Buenos Aires QV4
to revolutionize the theater!

reissuing the great success achieved last season at the Opera Theatre of Federal Capital Humorous QV4 Trio continues to take chances in this important National Theatre Square and is now preparing to show off at the Teatro ND Ateneo.

After an excellent summer season in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, with the TV Show QV4 ¨ ¨ and that served to be creditors of the prizes · Carlos ° to better sound and better lighting and not forgetting the achievements obtained by production being conducted by Javier Staricco in 2010 "Best original idea 3D integration "and" Best application and use of new technology trends in the service of theatrical language "not for this successful group and growing.
Easter was the kickoff of a new cycle for this show that makes children laugh and adults.

Now with the addition of Marcan ¨ ¨ Bicho Gomez as director of the work looking for a new air and intends to remain the show that nobody wants to miss.

A special touch

Bicho Gomez has added some new characters to play the trio offered in summer. These characters do nothing but add to the TV QV4, more humor and music under the idea of \u200b\u200bwho has become a benchmark for the magazine in Argentina and who found a prominent place for years at the Music Hall along with Jorge Ginzburg.

In recent years, the musical comedy trio QV4 made a commitment that has maintained every year with his audience:

renewed and surprise. In this last chance, "QV4 TV" is no exception.

This show deals from music and humor the difficult task of "taking a joke" which sometimes seems to be done seriously: The Tele.

From gossip programs, through the realities, from advertisements to cartoons.

All genres are reflected in this TV channel that provides a scathing look like the Argentines to absorb television programming that may not have filters.

A new show

After conquering the city's scene with his previous show, including 3D images, the producer of the trio Javier Staricco owner of the villa and theater productions freedom, wanted to get now fully on television but without giving to "Rene Garé" virtual puppet created by comedian Adrian Cordova Gomez, winner of five awards for his work Martin Fierro TV and radio, which also provide in making scripts, plays on stage this particular entertainment critic that keeps on giving that talk, he speaks around the world.

"This is the famous" terrible old man "already appeared in the last show of the trio and he stole all the applause.

addition, Gomez provides two other characters; Kong leads the ranking with Silvina Scheffler (The Profe Big Brother), in which singers appear as strange as Laura Menopausini and a very special chimentero Ronaldo named Armando Román of Calendula, which is Cholula criticizing the artists behind them.

ND ATENEO Paraguay 918
13 and May 14, 2011
Tickets from $ 80 .--


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