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"A love story of the mall" - Anonymous

text is armed with the names of some of those who ever tread Trade No. 1 of Lanus and expressed as a story rather than cool. Thank you very much and a pity that we do not say who wrote it! Thanks

Somewhere in la Mancha, whose name I can not remember, not long ago there lived a gentleman and those of lance and ancient shield, thin nag and a greyhound. Vivia
by CASTELLI, located on a mountain, it was actually a knoll in the middle of huge Campodonico, surrounded by oak, much KINGDOM. It was a very ESPINOSA, where QUINTEROS worked non-stop, watched a germinate and did not allow anyone to PISANI. Nearby was a forest very CARDOSO and TRONCOSO. This branch of the prince LO fucked enough, there was BARRIOS to travel and meet new people, maybe go somewhere PEÑA and see some girl, but he was a CABALLERO DELGADO, middle PAVÓN, pure and Castro, who spent playing Laviola DIAZ, did not have much experience QUESTION shawls. Well, the thing was SASSI, A DIAZ Prince decided, although not very conVINCENTTI out of the towers. A DOMINGUEZ, was given a SOLODUCHA, smoothed her curly hair, put on his BOTTARELLI and a good BARONE Spadavecchia.
He thought: I must go now because tomorrow may be too late, passed near FONTANA that decorated the gardens and headed towards the gate of the palace. The guardian will DiOrio's a tip:
BOS do me if not things easier for Chimenti, get yourself a good woman to be able Salvati of your loneliness. To which the prince replied:
GRAZIANO! you are a character GORDILLO GALLEGO but good-hearted BRAVO!.
Then he walked by RUA, near the edge of a river. SILVA walking you CANTANNO silva and some ditty to avoid boredom.
Along the way he met an old friend whose love are always embedded in his soul and told him CANSINO was unable to find love.
're not any MARCIANO, sure you will find the woman of your dreams, you must have MAFFEI and you'll be able SALDAÑA desire for love, candles as any change in your life!. Do not talk of your shyness, do not desCHAVES!
The prince arrived in the city and to his amazement he saw a beautiful MOROCHA, rushed to buy a bunch of ROZAS ROJAS, approached him and very FRANQUIOTTI said
you believe in love at first sight? Because I think you're the star of my life ...
She astonished and intoxicated by the beauty of the prince said
For all DOS SANTOS!, I never thought that his majesty would notice me!.
is that you are very beautiful and would like to go to war, how about a ACCOMMODATIONS GUALEGUAYCHU?.
The mine, which was very Puricelli thought this PIROMALLI! From my Natalicchio ever was with people of today, when I go to bed with a disclosure to be Legall.
She was very Bonanat, never take quick decisions and always wanted a white wedding.
That LOPATIUK!, Said the prince at his lack of tact. I have to CAZAJOUS first if I have this woman ...
And despite being royalty DEVI you money around the world. Moscatelli needed enough to give his bride a beautiful place to live and not any pirin Gunderson.
suddenly ...... Walsh!, It occurred an idea. His father the king, he Calvi, who spent his TORREBLANCA DIAZ in the palace, was always SOLARI, sick, poor and was curious was the PEDONI all day, I would ask CASTELLI part of an exchange for giving big family, live with his lover, have children and that the King liked it, always had the illusion of having a grandchild.
His father said: Just go to your girlfriend before it snow!. CHURCHES runs and choose the most beautiful, but do not desesPEREZ, and will reach the big day.
Our prince returned to the city to find his girl with bright eyes and met his friend and asks, TULA've seen?
If !!!!, answered enthusiastically.
SPANO was going to be a more beautiful still. VOLA!, Go to look!
When they are invited to ride on Kill the Moonlight and there kneeling marriage and would ask that Romeo said, I'm going AMATO life, Damore mine! She
, lazy or slow or asked for a monthly fee to satisfy the tastes you never had and the prince in his alter ego replied
Who are you? Eva Duarte?. VILLECO always lived in and now I'm going to lead to a VILLANUEVA still claims?. Anyway, was so in love that gave him the taste.
made a great feast with delicious dishes, always banking his father, tables of cheeses, especially CUARTARUOLO that was his favorite and fine wines.
received few gifts, some pottery and some CRAFTS USAARTE FALABELLA, but the important thing was to share an unforgettable moment was a very enjoyable evening.
Happy Prince to have gotten out of the wall of his palace and find her love, he proposed to his new wife a trip to Rome and the Champs Elysees, that romantic ......!
And they continued their lives ...
AR! I forgot, and were happy forever ... FIN

The characters in this story are fictitious, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.
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