Thursday, April 7, 2011

How To Make Sweetpopcorn


Importing data into CRM 2011 has improved significantly since version 4.0 (see crm.html ).
I will explain a step-by-step import of Accounts and Contacts. At the same, I will use a new feature that lets you create more of a CSV file and add them to a "ZIP" and upload the ZIP. In the same load will both data loads.
The steps for the loads are as follows, I shall explain it in each of the images:

1) These are the CSV files to load, in this case separated by tabs.

2) Add 2 files to a ZIP

3) In CRM 2011 will "Importing data"

4) Select the file.

5) Set the delimiter data (in this case the tab)

6) Select mode Data Mapping (automatic)

7) mapping each of the files to a CRM entity

8) Review Contact field mapping to be correct

9) verify that the reference to "primary customer" Contact only search for "Accounts"

10) also verifies the attribute mapping

11) confirm that everything goes ok

12) I find that to load duplicates (in my example I do not care)

13) Confirmation Window.
As you can see the Some steps are more than ever, but the functionality has nothing to do. What I like to me in this new version is the ability to upload multiple files at once, and mainly explained in step 9) to resolve entity references, which previously had.

There are many more tests that can be done about this, so I intentaaré are going to go telling them.

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