Thursday, April 28, 2011

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The House of Bernarda Alba GARGANTUA

"Experimental Theatre Group Picture" presents:

La Casa de Bernarda Alba

* From May 6, every Friday at 21hs., at the Theatre Gargantua, Jorge Newbery 3563, CABA Reservations: 4555 -
5596 Admission: $ 30.

* More info:
About La Casa de Bernarda Alba.

La Casa de Bernarda Alba (1936), where the passion for the life of the young Adela, locked in her house with her sisters because of mourning for his father and oppressed under the yoke of a tyrannical mother, the rebel without fear of ultimate consequences. In this way, their passion for life will crash the wall of incomprehension of her family especially with its concluding phase. Along with the figure of the protagonist, highlights the number of female portraits done by the author, from the very Bernarda confidant to the old servant of all (The Poncia), bitter and jealous sister (martyrdom) or grandmother who opposes mad Bernarda's tyranny.

considered his masterpiece, was also the last, since that same year, the outbreak of civil war, was arrested by Franco's forces and shot ten days later under unclear charges that pointed to its role as a poet, a freethinker character and could alter the "social order."

Tab Technical.
Staging and Managing Director: Dario Portugal Pasache.
Cast: Marie Mazza, Graciela Gonzalez Saavedra, Marisa Corral, Maria Cecilia Capalbo, Liliana Martino, Daiana Popesciel, Carolina Kackielo and Victoria Dahl.
Photo: Mauro Bistoletti.
Graphic Design: Cecilia Moreno.
lighting, costume and set design: Experimental Theater Group Picture.
Press and Publications: Mariano Di Nardo Homes.
Functions: From May 6, every Friday at 21hs.
Theatre: Gargantua, Jorge Newbery 3563, CABA
Reservations: 4555-5596. Admission: $ 30.
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