Friday, April 8, 2011

Kirsten Dunst Strangled

" Rolando Rivas, taxista "- Scarlett

Alberto Migrate went from soap operas to soap operas reaping success after success, but his beloved son was "Rolando Rivas, Taxi Driver," which was the most successful telenovela history TV Argentina.

that Tuesday in March 1972, at 22hs, under the direction of Roberto Denis, and with a voice of Julius Caesar Barton, began a new era for the national TV.
A basic history of two lovers from different social classes. A couple who will never forget, starring Claudio Garcia Satur (Rolando Rivas) and Soledad Silveyra (Monica Helguera Paz). A story that reflected the culture of Buenos Aires, the social, economic and political of the '70s.
The world of taxi drivers was lined with colloquial language, gender premiering customs. First appearance outdoors. The characters begin to transcend the level of fantasy to be confused with reality. And the music takes a leading role. Juan Marcelo is in charge of capturing many feelings in memorable songs ....


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