Friday, April 29, 2011

Short Invitation For Birthday


Sarmiento 2255 - Capital


After more than 30 years of experience, having gone through the scenarios important to their productions and have received awards for his work ACE, ATIN, MARIA GUERRERO, THEATRE OF THE WORLD, FLORENCIO SANCHEZ, ARGENTORES, UNICEF and others ... Libertablas has a new space. This is the historic but recently reopened Teatro SHA.

There, thanks to an agreement with their employers, Libertablas be installed for at least three years by placing all its activities: season premiere shows, school functions, Workshop and School of Theatre and puppets.

It will be a new space, the quality of its performances and its reasonable prices,
become indispensable for the activity regarding children's theater in Buenos Aires and for those who think a nice weekend out in the company of their children ..

To inaugurate this new challenge will take place on 7 and 8 May a large Libertablas Festival where the group will offer its greatest successes in the hours of 15 and 16 30. Winning performances, high production and aesthetic quality which have been awarded, praised by critics and enjoyed by thousands of spectators.

Saturday 7 to 15 pm will be "Pinocchio. Giving soul to matter. " Very particular version of Collodi's classic with the participation of Jorge Rivera López as Gepetto.

At 16 30 the same day comes the classic "Legend." Argentine legend with actors and puppets, underlined by a soundtrack involving original songs León Gieco, Teresa Parodi, sandra, Julia Zenko and Ruben Rada.

8 Sunday open at 15 the biggest commercial success of the group: "Tales of the Jungle" about stories Quiroga, where giant animals mixing with humans to tell stories of friendship and adventure.

And to close 16 30 ACE award-winning best show: "Quixote" which chronicles the adventures of the Knight
famous Andante recovering the original freshness and humor of Cervantes.

Throughout the year Libertablas premiere new show and will perform from June season weekend and holiday in the great room also features constantly be offered to schools or institutions upon request.


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