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Chest Infection Baby 4 Months

" WHEN Calle Los Patos "Lautaro METRAL

When ducks
musical with live orchestra
Book, music and direction of Lautaro Metral


Saturdays 23:30 Teatro La Grimace

Av .
Córdoba 5288 Entry $ 40

In the near future the world is at critical levels of pollution.
The so-called "Age of mambo" has left a toll of alarming levels of toxicity and the single life is sustainable
fictitious valleys, where they mimic natural conditions created artificially.

Cast: Lionel
-Arostegui-Leandro Bassano- Manufacturer-Marta Mariano Mediavilla-Renzo Morelli

Pablo Camacho, Jerome Descole, Javier and Pablo Da Silva Lurg

Music: Lautaro Metral
Choreography: Seku Faillace
Repositor Choreography: John Gentile
Lighting Design : Yamil
sheet set and costume design: María Eugenia Brandulo
Graphic Design: Small Detail
Stage Manager: Silvia Otero
Assistant Director: Lionel Arostegui
Executive Producer: Maxi Bartfeld
General Production: Triptych Productions and Theatre Pim Pam Pum
Press: Communication

Ayni Book and Address: Lautaro Metral

A Egbert, Fish, Eric and Sixto were assigned the task of arriving at the Zone 7 south in order to clean and analyze the conditions of their natural resources. And take 20 years to perform the tasks and it seems that their presence in that place has been forgotten. However reinvent themselves every day and find new activities to which abocarse. His only contact with nature, is closer to the stream to hear the song of the ducks, a species that, like man, survived the "Age of Mambo."
One day, suddenly, the ducks are silent, the squawk disappears when it lost only contact with other living starts the conflict.
Added to that, the appearance of Fina, and some books that were saved from an old burn, upset the routine order of things and bringing open the door to knowledge.

A key work in Musical Absurdity and criticizes the current direction of our society, the role of the media, the neglect of other species, social status and analyzes and raises awareness about environmental stewardship and ecology, with particular emphasis on the progress of pollution, and giving a critical view on how to unless we work in partnership against the same, the disappearance of the species is imminent.

When ducks are silent

23:30 Saturday April 9 Premiere Theatre

Av Córdoba 5288 Fleer
Reservations: 4777-0825

Entry $ 40 Presale $ 35

Duration of work: 60 min.


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