Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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OData Consulting Designer (REST) \u200b\u200bfor 2011

In 2011, there is a REST endpoint which allows querying OData, facilitating access to CRM data from 2001 from both Javascript and Silverlight.
The problem arises when we make a query in this way, if you do not know the syntax. For this
MVP Rhett Clinton has released a tool that integrates with CRM 2011 in the settings area. CRM 2011 is called OData Query Designer and can be downloaded from this link:
With it you can do what is basically a search engine using Silverlight, to consult and we generate the URL with the desired query.
An example of it is like this:
2011 Query Designer OData
This example just look Accounts that start with "A" collecting some attributes.
So you know, no excuses for not using OData in CRM 2011!



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