Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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"Minimum Group" presents:
The Magic World Yoyonia
-Varieté Theatre show formats.

Every Friday at 23hs., At IMPA, CULTURAL CITY FACTORY. Address: 4290 Querandíes (Esq Pringles), CABA Tel: 15-5823-5593 or grupominimo@gmail.com. Admission: $ 20.

a different role every week.
More info: www.grupominimo.com.ar

On The Magical World of Yoyonia:
Comprised of two acts, separated by an interval, made of successive scenes of a short-term performance-based (situations and characters) , dance, song and sound recordings. Each function of it has a total renovation of its content, which makes every performance is very different from the above, joining only a few subjects and / or characters.

Group on Minimum.
In 2006, within the IUNA, a group of players formed by Emiliano Formia, Hernando Franco, Juan its surrounding islands, Facundo Livio Mejías and Cristian Jensen, began their first performances in several variety shows in Buenos Aires. Later, having traveled a process together, decided to formalize the group's identity and conform as "Minimum Group" to develop a particular mood, combining singing, dancing and acting, are presented in alternative venues Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. Interventions also participating in public places and festivals.

Cast: Emily Formia, Hernán Franco, Juna Isola, Facundo Livio
Mejías and Cristian Jensen Lighting design: Lautaro Pane.
Address: Minimum Group.
Press & Dissemination: Mariano Di Nardo Homes.
Features: Every Friday at 23hs., Until 26 August.
Theatre: IMPA, Cultural City Factory.
Address: 4290 Querandíes (Esq Pringles), CABA Tel: 4981 3730
Bookings: 15-5823-5593 or grupominimo@gmail.com. Tickets $ 20.


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