Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Scarlett neighborhoods

Nuñez was born in and grew up in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo, which is now the fashionable Palermo Hollywood. Already back then the neighborhood was an impersonal city, where everyone lived in their own world without sharing beyond a greeting that only lived in the same block. I have no memory of names and characters. My little life trasncurría mostly in the College, where different Adrenaline activities.

may be a daughter of divorced parents was a little here and a little there. And it never ends to take root in a neighborhood ....
Anyway I had my share of superlatively neighborhood. My childhood holidays were spent with my grandmother first and then as a teenager with my aunt.
Arias They lived in a town south of Cordova, on the border with Santa Fe
Today is famous for its parades carnival, but at that time was a thriving rural village.
From my grandmother I remember his general store, selling sugar, herbs and flour fractions. With a shovel pulled the merchandise from a white cotton bag, it weighed on a scale of Rome, and was wrapped in a white paper with a Repulgue on each side and the edge that was bent upward with another Repulgue. This, plus the talk of obligation, it would take about 10 minutes alrededar. If my grandmother were alive would survive no fast-paced today.
We had a routine, which eventually became more dear to me after dinner and have helped with the dishes, we sat strands with a tea to listen to the radio drama. Saturday after visiting a relative, went to the movies, obviamante first had to give the "return of the dog" around the square and side streets. What is the "return of the dog" is technically a walk without going anywhere, walking by the mere fact of meeting and chatting with neighbors.
On Saturday we saw hundreds of those films (hence me is the penchant for cinema). And one day, that was the big day, the company came to the people of the radio to represent the novel!!
What a wonderful experience to realize that both had imagined faces!!
On Sunday we came to find my uncles to go to the field. This day is celebrated like a holiday. First roasted and then the football games in different categories. And the classic: The ladies of all ages we spread over the lawn mob on romances that have been emerging .... wedding trousseau prepared another, or hear stories that midwives told us. At dusk mixed groups, age is acomadaban about guitar playing or dancing to music that offered a wincofón. In the subject field of electricity was a problem and that the meetings ended early.
keep also fondly the days when animals were vaccinated, or are the fish. Or the days when it was harvested. Before many people are needed to harvest. Today with a machine does it all.
Sunsets in the field are a spectacle I will never forget. I still seem to be watching my Uncle Lindo on his horse, herding cows to take to the yard, while my cousins \u200b\u200band I, along with the dogs ran between animals to separate calves from their mothers. Seeing the sun on the plains, among the trees, sitting on the gate of the yard, singing old songs, eating figs, raisins,,,, with the aroma of the field, I remember a very happy time in my life.


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