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Art Center Radiocity + Roxy + Melany de Mar del Plata, offers an outstanding agenda for the weekend of Easter, between Thursday 21 and Sunday 24 April.

With José Larralde and National Tour 2011, the presentation for the kids of "Cantando Adriana" Paul Mikozzi with "Beast On the plus side" of Mar del Plata "With Essence of Tango," "Broken Love" and "Ma Non Troppo," the screening of "Une Affaire D 'Amour" and exposure of the sample of Agustina Bagnato, among others, will be for all tastes and ages. José Larralde


Under its National Tour 2011, José Larralde will perform on Saturday April 23 at 21:30 at the Radio City Theatre. Larralde

was born 73 years ago, a stay-Huanguelén near Bahia Blanca, in the province of Buenos Aires. It was farm worker, tractor driver, mason, mechanic, welder and after almost half a century singing experiences are still feeling "pawn."

The complete discography of the musician, is as follows: Canta José Larralde (1967); Permit (1968), The sense of José Larralde (Herencia pa 'gaucho a child) (1968), Man (1969), So that in (1969 ), the sense of José Larralde (Herencia pa 'a son gaucho) - Part Two (1969), Friend (1970), Santos Vega / long-throw Milonga (1970), Cimarron and snuff (1971); swaying (1972); Just (1973), tillering (1973), From the heart pa 'in (1974); And because no final (1975), to speak of loneliness (1976); The meek stride just (1977), If I chose my destiny (1978), From a distance (1979); South pa 'Beyond (1980); Tamed wilderness (1981), A wind of that lao (1982), Speaking in Creole (1983), Wind Up (1984), The merry birds sing sad (1986): As one who looks a wait (1995), Bringing yesterdays , vol. I and II (1996), and to the 11 -1 / 4 (1999).


Adriana, the kindergarten teacher who revolutionized children's music, will present his show, "Singing with Adriana" on Friday 22 and Saturday, April 23, at the Roxy Theatre.

be two functions per day, at 17.30 and 19.30, with a show designed for young ones where they can enjoy of an educational and fun, with colorful scenery and simply allowing them to focus on each topic. Adriana

proposes a method of learning through music, a fun way to learn, play and family. Joining the singer's most beloved characters in the garden: Tim Dog, the Pig Cholito, Mrs. Roach, Table tennis, El Loro, and El Gato Michu Lolo, among other


After to close a great season in Mar del Plata, Teatro Pablo Mikozzi return to Melanie with "On the plus side beast." Will be Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 April at 23.

show is a dry humor and intelligent composed of the best monologues and sketches that Paul Mikozzi he collected over ten years of independent work in groups, comedy shows and theatrical improvisation.

The proposal is based on the art of the jester, with funds belonging to the cafe concert, variety show and improvisation the actors, with particular Mikozzi ironic vision which expands on biting and provocative monologues on current and Buenos urban air


On Friday 22 at 20.30 in the Theatre Melany city music come from the hand of the Quartet "With Essence of Tango", who will perform "De Villoldo a Piazzolla", under the musical direction of Maestro Jose De Pilate.

will be accompanied by Germain Galbato bandoneon, piano and bass Gustavo Sosa and by Emanuel Soule. The dancing couple will be made by Bernardo and Fernando Roig Maidana, the speaker also participate Marcelo Real and act as guest singer Marta Graciela, winning solo Baradero Tango Festival 2008, who has recorded the CD "Rebel and Angelic."

The Master of Pilate, of outstanding career in the various sets in which he has acted, has received the following awards: "Sea Wolf" Lions Club "Golden Helm", "Great Sadaic", Museo Manos Blancas "Order of Buzon, House Canary in America, won the Merit Diploma Tango Citizen Award of Merit for his sublime musical career, given by the City Council of the Municipality of the Municipality of General

Ma Non Troppo

will be resubmitted at the Teatro Melany on Saturday April 23 to 21, with his show "Taking note", The cast consists by Marcela Arecha, Florencia Olivieri, Mona De Marco, Fabia Netto, Javier Pugliese, Paul Rabinovich, Leo Rizzi, Daniel and Joseph Antenucci Caldararo.

The group, which was awarded the Alfonsina, awarded by the Secretariat of Culture of the MGP, introduced the show after the event to be the last season of "In grace full" show with which drew more than 7,000 spectators, and was nominated two consecutive seasons Starfish Award for Best Musical Show.

Continuing the musical genre of humor that the group has been developing for some years, "Taking note" will know the true story of the shepherds who sang in the manger of Bethlehem, will share some themes of fire and heard a story of western music in two minutes. They also released a new theme, COMUTRA, the chorus of singers police, and vocal music will enjoy the ease and humor that always Troppo proposed.


"Broken Love," the best work marplatense Star Award Winner Mar 2010, will go on stage on Thursday, 21 to 21, in Teatro Melany.

Four players are placed on the skin of four men who, with humor and drama, recount his suffering for love.

are well defined characters that are involved in different situations of indifference. One was struck dumb by the death of his beloved. Another professed crush on a woman who never showed up. One third party to which your spouse is out of the house by loud snoring. Another, he knows that his wife is unfaithful. All are "Broken Love" and the work seek to resolve their situation. The basis on which dialogue and situations arm is a humor emerged from the dark moments in the lives of each of the characters and the difficulty to rebuild their lives from the vacuum of love breaks.

The work points to a profound reflection on the break, tied to the humorous.

The author of the award-winning piece is Rafael Bruza, has the direction of Jorge Paccini, and the cast has marplatense Best Actor (Star Award Mar 2010) Nestor Grotadaura (Mute), Daniel Coelho (Berlanguita), Marcelo Goñi ( Rodriguez), and Paul Milei (Artemio).

FILM: "une affaire d 'amour"

Finally on Sunday April 24, will feature triple Mar del Plata Film Art, at 16, 18 and 20 of the French film "Une Affaire D' Amour" at the Teatro Melany.

The film is based on the novel by Eric Holder, and is suitable for people over 13 years. Address Stéphane is Brizé, scripted by the same author with Florence Vignon. Photography is Herbel Antoine and the music of Ange Chinozzi.

The assembly was led by Anne KlotzM and performers are, Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Aure Atika, Anne Houdy, Jean-Marc Thibault, Arthur Le Huérou. EXPLANATORY


to make ends meet the artist Agustina Bagnato, exhibits his work in this space art. The exhibition called "urban troops, composed of 22 realizations with mixed media, can be visited daily from 10 to 21, with free admission.

Her work allows a tour technical issues and plastics linked-from the Western view, the area of \u200b\u200bthe decorative. But is the opposite of the decorative.

Game intrinsic visual elements that make his work as language enables the decorative invested. This relationship between form and articulate, allowing an open, ambiguous. The decorative mask is his subterfuge, Agustina use this trick, enabling it true that accumulates behind the line. His truth is a "pretext" for a language using another rhythm, another rest of the eye.

His images incite the torment of a complaint; provocation is said in the "beautiful" and the convention but that the result of a process that grows the silence of any exposure.

Those wishing more information can visit; attend the Art Center located in San Luis 1750 of this city or call (0223) 494-2950

Tickets can be purchased at the box office the theater or conveniently by phone, calling the Platea Net (0223) 432-3232 / (011) 5236-3000 only VISA and VISA DEBIT.


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