Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Friendship Bracelet Instruction

Amorette Carlos Carella

Buchino VICKY IN

Osvaldo Dragun

Alfredo Devita
Address Laura

Corace - Jimena Martínez -
Juan Pablo Panebianco - Juan Ignacio Pucci

Amorette 2011 is the proposal that adds drama to the series of events began in 2002 with "Matthew." Devita Alfredo Since then adapts and directs plays highlights from the national drama.

In this tenth year of commitment to the National Theatre, Amorette us about the life of Giuliana, a 42-year-old woman after a long period of widowhood, returns to find love and the possibility of being happy.

release May 7

Carlos Sala Bme Mitre 970 Carella

Saturday and Sunday 19 Hs
General Admission $ 50


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