Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tight Fitting Snowboard Pants


The play starring Araceli Gonzalez and Raul Taibo, continues with the sensational success in the season of Mar del Plata and in its first week on Avenida Corrientes, "When Harry Met Sally", had already sold out on Friday and Saturday in its two functions. Javier Faroni production is presented in Multiteatro Wednesday through Friday at 21 am, Saturday double feature at 20 pm. and 22.15 pm. and Sundays at 21 pm.

Manuel González Gil is the director of the work and also was responsible for adapting the original script by Nora Ephron. Produced by Javier Faroni, "When Harry Met Sally," captivates with profound dialogues that arise from simple, everyday situations between the characters in this comedy that in its film starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

The cast of the play is headed: Araceli Gonzalez, Raul Taibo and is complete with renowned names in the national scene such as Mario Pasik, Lucrecia Blanco, Roberto and Graciela Pal Catarineu. "When Harry Met Sally" succeeds in capturing the magic of the simple from a story to which for some reason always men and women can relate to. The chemistry of the actors carries omenta am funny, sad and so charming that value the importance of love from a deep, cool, avoiding stereotypes and not disappoint fans of the genre.

The story begins when Harry (Raul Taibo) meets Sally (Araceli Gonzalez) circumstantially after finishing college. He is outspoken and sincere and not afraid to speak his mind about the relationship between man and woman. She, more methodical and innocent, believes that friendship between the sexes is possible. The circumstances are separated until years later they meet again. Sally then had a boyfriend, and Harry was about to marry. Life takes each one by his side and back cross but in other circumstances, the two returned to being single and without emotional commitments. Among them begins a deep and sincere friendship. But then s, without being warned, the unexpected happens, love.

Music: Martin Bianchedi
Lighting: Fernando di Yorio
Sets: Marcelo Valenti Clothing, Pepe Uria
Realization of scenery: A & B achievements scenic
Direction: Manuel Gonzalez Gil
Press: Communications Furgang
Production: Javier Faroni

The book "When Harry Met Sally" is presented in Multiteatro Wednesday through Friday at 21 pm, Saturday double feature at 20 pm and 22.15 pm and Sundays at 21 pm.


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