Friday, April 15, 2011

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"Charles Chaplin" "Sylvia Scarlett Gonzalez

Life is a play that does not allow trials ...

So, sing, laugh, dance, cry and live intensely every moment of your life ... before the curtain down and finish the work without applause.
Hey, hey, smile! but do not hide behind that smile. Shows what you are, without fear.
There are people who dream of your smile, and me. Vive! Try! Life is no more than an attempt.
Ama! Love above all, loves everyone and everything.
not close your eyes to the filth of the world, do not ignore your hunger!
Forget the pump, but first do something to combat it, but do not feel capable. Search! Find what is good in everything and everyone.
defects Do not make a distance and an idealization. Accept! Life, people, make them your reason for living. Understand! Refer to the people who think differently than you, not condemns.
Eh! Look ... Look back a few friends ... Already
made someone happy today? Or did someone suffering with your selfishness?
Eh! Do not run ... Why the rush?
runs just inside of you.
But do not harm anyone and do not turn your dream escape.
Cree! Wait! There will always be a way out, a star will always shine.
Cry! Fight! Do what you like, feel what is within you. Hey ... Listen to what others have to say is important. Upload
... Make obstacles steps to achieve what you want.
But do not forget those who were unable to climb the ladder of life.
Free! Discover what is good within you. Seeks above all to be people, I'll try. Hey! You now go in peace.
I must tell you that ... I love you simply because you exist.


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