Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are There Always Symptons With Males In Gonnorhea

" Omen of a happy night ..."- Gerardo Moszkowicz

Ladies and Gentlemen: Have you a good night!

In a perfect evening for the practice of making good radio, with a study in perfect condition, we are here in the neighborhood of them live up to the program date.
Sitting next to me, I present the commentator of the day:
Good Night, and axial Zavatarelli Dante for years. Impossible to forget.
Radio Rivadavia, sports radio, as part of the family. One unconsciously befriends the voices and expected on Sunday with all the adrenaline because football is that, adrenaline.
And that, you choose the reporter. In the distance, I say that football in the narrative suffers and enjoys both. Every attack the opposing team, a stab.
Each attack us, danger of scoring. Sports
unfit for heart, someone would say, everything is more sensible when it intervenes commentator.
there loomed the figure of Dante Zavatarelli.
I wondered So much had to talk the man to explain a game?
course, the issue was put bow to the comment.
What happens is that not only think about the ball.
is much more important what is not known public man is the image that this man knew how to communicate.
already revealed.
not painted as the great Dante, but we will hear the same pleasure of winning a final and confirm that all his goals led him to be a great scorer where it matters most: life itself. Dante
Zavatarelli say journalism is capitalized.
To share gentlemen, that the portents are pure reality.


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