Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Shoot the duplicate detection rules from SDK

For some features, it is necessary to trigger the detection of duplicates for a specific record.
For this, there is a message from the SDK, which allows you to "shoot" duplicate detection, for a list of possible detectacod records as duplicates.
This message exists for both com CRM 4.0 CRM 2011 and the call would look like this:
 account acct = new account (); = "Microsoft";

RetrieveDuplicatesRequest RetrieveDuplicatesRequest = new Request ();
Request.BusinessEntity = acct;
EntityName.account.ToString Request.MatchingEntityName = ();
PagingInfo Request.PagingInfo = new ();
Response =
(RetrieveDuplicatesResponse) Service.Execute (Request);

Then in [] we have identified as potential duplicate records.

Thus, we can make things more complex, such as automatic validation, or checking for duplicates before saving the form, for example.

For more information, see CRM 4.0 SDK:
or CRM SDK 2011: / library / microsoft.crm.sdk.messages.retrieveduplicatesrequest.aspx

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