Monday, February 28, 2011

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Paging more than 250 records

Many users often ask how to extend the paging of the records in the view. As you know, this can only be changed at the user level from 25 to 250 records maximum.
But what if we want to say 500 records?

Well, this can be done, but is not supported, and also I've tried and do not recommend it.
thing to do is: UPDATE
 September UserSettingsBase PagingLimit = 500 WHERE SystemUserId = '' 

sample size of 500 records as paging CRM 4.0
not recommend this because it is supported, be very careful about this because it slows down the browser as there are a lot Javascript running behind.

Incidentally, this also works for CRM 2011 (eye needs to be done IISRESET to pick up changes):

Vista 2011
sample size of 500 records as paging CRM



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