Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Isthe Meaning Of Susten

2011 Training Kit 2011: Elimination Things

Yes, we finally have in CRM 2011 of a mass deletion tool for easily and integrated into the application.
In the old CRM 4.0, and something similar was available (see ) but should be done through the SDK.
Now it evolves and becomes a great and useful tool for end users, and for those who also work with CRM.
try to have step by step how does this tool, which works very reminiscent to how the work asynchronous duplicate detection.
First you must go to the "Ribbon" and select "mass removal" in the delete menu:

mass Elimination
After establishing the criteria for the records to delete:

criteria to eliminate
The mass removal work is also can be scheduled or run a once, besides being able to determine that email to finish:

elimination process planning

Confirmation mass removal

The removal process is triggered asynchronously, so to watch how the removal goes, you go to:

And then open up the process:

mass removal process.
addition, this functionality can be controlled via security roles:

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