Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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massive record so ... but not in CRM 2011

As always happened with the versions of CRM, it happens that just what is needed, the CRM does not work when if you put to imagine, "should" do so.
But hey, it helps us put neuron in what we do to find around and to do otherwise, always trying to be so supported.
These are a couple of warnings in relation to two new features that includes CRM 2011, which are very good, but with a "but ...".
The first is the functionality to add security to attribute level, this allows according to roles, a user can see or not certain attributes. Well, the problem is that this functionality is only enabled for custom attributes and not for the system. Here are two catches, which they compare:
attribute system. Without security field.

Custom Attribute. With security field.

On the other hand, there is another "hole" (to call it that) with new functionality. The functionality is what allows a custom entity can "receive" emails.
An example of the customization form of an entity:
There you can say that an entity can receive emails. This is great thought, I can create me a new entity, such as consultants, suppliers, etc., without having to mix everything in Accounts and Contacts.
This also could make marketing campaigns for these new entities, to make forwarding emails, etc. No, this functionality is limited to giving the possibility to do a mailing, but in terms of marketing lists, is still limited to Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

CRM 2011 has many features that I am discovering that they are very good, these are two to which I have found some "sticks", but on the other side can give us ideas for components or add-ons.

In my next posts will begin to analyze one by one the new features in CRM 2011.

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