Sunday, February 27, 2011

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dynamic marketing lists in CRM 2011 Published

One of the features that most users asked to see the operation of Marketing lists in CRM 4.0, was the subject of having a list that automatically update according to certain criteria. For example, if we wanted to have a marketing list with Madrid accounts for each consignment we should update the members of the same, and creating us a new one.
Well, Microsoft has ignored requests from the world of Dynamics CRM, and has included CRM 2011 the possibility of having dynamic marketing lists.
The operation is very simple, just to create the list of marketing, we can tell if the "type" is "Static" or "Dynamic."

Then the "Manage members" simply lets us select a filter and nothing else. Thus, the members of this list will be dynamic and depend on when that is inspected, may be different.
As shown in the image, you can then copy the marketing list to another static list, to keep the previous functionality.

This is one more of the new features offered by the CRM 2011.


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