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24 Weeks Pregnant And Black Poo

EL TIGRE passengers arrive at Tabarís


"Life has flaws that only art can correct ...." Starring

Diego Reinhold and Javier Malosetti Kerz
With Light, Deborah Turza, Pablo Sultani, Ivan Rossi, Leo Fernandez and Bosio Mariu

Premiere March 31 Theatre
Tabarís (Av. Corrientes 831)

With a cast of actors and top musicians, the musical was chosen by Spike Lee to adapt and take to the movies, arrived in Buenos Aires under the production of "The Producers SA and general direction of Florencia Peña, Ana Maria Frenkel and Onetto. Since 31 March, "The Passenger" (Passing Strange) is seen in the theater Tabarís, along with a creative team that includes Mariano Otero in musical direction. The passenger will also mark the debut of Javier Malosetti theater.

"The Passenger" (Passing Strange), was nominated for 7 Tony Awards and received one for best book of a musical. He also received other awards including the Drama Desk Awards (Best Musical, Best Music and Best Lyrics) and for best musical received the New York Drama Critics Circle Awards. Audelco received in the categories Best Director, Annie Dorsen, best music director (Rodewald) and best performance (Daniel Breaker). As best new work and best ensemble received the Obie.

with rock and soul music and one of the wittiest lyrics of recent times, "The Passenger" is a touching and funny story of a young bohemian on a journey of exploration and escape. Leaving the confines of its middle class and its youth group, the further away, going discovering that the most important is the journey within itself.

This rock opera has committed a theme, music and inspirational character and a significant interaction between musicians and actors put together to make this amazing show something never seen on Corrientes Street. Background

The renowned composer and performer Stew has created this bold musical that rocked the off-Broadway. Released in October 2006 at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, California, Passing Strange was born the year after and presented off-Broadway at The Public Theatre.

Film director Spike Lee filmed the last three functions in the theater Belasco and made a documentary "for generations to come." Premiered at the Sundance festival in 2009.

the title. Passing Strange is a phrase taken from Othello, by William Shakespeare. In an interview, Stew said the inspiration for the title came while reading about the Old Globe Theatre where Shakespeare premiered and presented their works. Passing Strange, which changed its meaning over the years, meant basically very strange.

the author. Stew (Mark Stewart - 1961) is a musician, singer and songwriter born in Los Angeles. In the early nineties he founded his pop-rock band The Black Problem, with several albums released. Since 2000 also made several solo musical works. For the production of Passing Strange is associated in 2004 with Heide Rodewald. Factsheet

Author: Stew
Version: Maria Amelia Gamba
Cast: Diego Reinhold, Javier Malosetti Kerz Light, Deborah Turza, Pablo Sultani, Ivan Rossi, Mariu Fernandez, Leo Bosio
Musicians: Mariano Otero, Javier Malosetti, Hernán Segret, and Alejandro López Fernández Gabyno Lighting Design: Santiago González
Sound Design: Ekuar Guedes
Assistant director: Max Otranto
Musical direction and arrangements: Mariano Otero
Art Direction and Maria Florencia Peña Onetto
DG: Ana Frenkel
Production Manager: Paul Jastrzebski
General Production: The Producers SA


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