Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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A new space in the theaters of Buenos Aires

A class theater room with capacity for 870 people and an extraordinary stage with top technology and equipment.

Opening - March 15, 2011.

Theatre Opening - March 18 with
Norma Aleandro, who will be the presenting sponsor of Theatre
its worldwide smash "On Love and other stories about love"

A new cultural enterprise offering an attractive and diverse programming front with an investment that enables them to become one of the best equipped rooms in the country, fully prepared for plays, music and dance.

The theater has the best technology and comfort, cutting-edge architectural design, a versatile stage, 870 seats and parking.

The sponsor will be Ms. Norma Aleandro, an emblematic figure of our culture and one of the great artists who continually contributes to the theatrical activities of our country. The program will begin with his show "On Love, and other stories about love", presented on 18, 19, 20, 25 and 26 March.

Other confirmed that the shows will be presented are: "Before I Forget" with Enrique Pinti, "A Savage God" with Gabriel Goity, Fernán Mirás, María Onetto and Florencia Peña, "The Descent of Mount Morgan" with Oscar Martinez, Carola Reyna and Eleonora Wexler, "Dracula, the Musical" by Pepe Cibrian, "And where is the mafia?" with Florencia de la V, Emilio Disi, Rocío Marengo, Alexander Muller, Pasta Dioguardi, Gabriela Mandate, Mariana Santiago Almeyda and "Loly "Antoniale," The Beats "," Luis Pescetti "" Singing with Adriana ", among others.

The Inauguration is scheduled for Tuesday March 15, 2011, the day which will meet actors, producers and personalities from the artistic and cultural, to accompany and provide for this new space, unique in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Theatre "Nini Marshall" will be declared of Municipal Interest. Infrastructure


• Access
Theatre has the main entrance on Calle Peru where the ticket office.

• Lobby:
The entrance hall or lobby has an area of \u200b\u200b140 m2. In this plant are located service areas.

• Foyer:
The foyer has an area of \u200b\u200b190 m2 and has a dining area.

• Room:
The hall can accommodate 870 spectators, with comfortable seats and excellent visibility due to an amphitheater of the audience.

• Parking:
capacity for 320 vehicles in front of the Theatre and for 140 vehicles to 50meters.

• Scenario:
has a 13mm wide mouth, 8 m high and 8m deep.

• Air conditioning
The theater is air-conditioned from a central system.

• Security:
From the standpoint of safety and security theater with emergency lighting and signage, an automatic fire detection and moisturizing system for extinguishing fire.

• Means of escape:
has four emergency exits located in the room, more for the lobby.

• Facilities for artists: Camarines

: 2 individual dressing rooms with private bathroom, 4 semi-private dressing rooms with their own bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms for groups of dancers of 120m2, also with its battery full baths. Parking: private property within the Theatre.


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