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"The 39 Steps



(in order alphabetical)




NICOLAS Scarpino

From: John Buchan'sy Alfred Hitchcock

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

original Idea: Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon

By arrangement with Edward Snape for Fiery Angel Ltd.

Translation: Paul King

Rights Argentina managed to: Marion Weiss / Paul King

Address: Manuel González Gil

General Production: Javier Faroni

THURSDAY MARCH 31, 21:30 pm:

FUNCTION A TOTAL PROFIT OF AGUSTIN BUSTOS FIERRO ( http://www.unmilagroparaagustin.com/ )


Tickets Corrientes 1524 on sale at the theater or http://www.plateanet.com/

The 39 Steps, "The 39 Steps" has been hailed as a success with audiences and critics throughout 2010 and during the 2011 season both in Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires. Currently presented Thursday through Sunday at the Piccadilly Theatre.

Under the overall production of Javier Faroni, the renowned actors Fabian Gianola, Fabián Mazzei, Laura Oliva, and Nicholas Scarpino star in "The 39 Steps", the excellent comedy of John Buchan's and Alfred Hitchcock (adapted for the stage by Patrick Barlow). The direction is by Manuel Gonzalez Gil.

"The 39 Steps" is a text created as the perfect combination of Hitchcock's masterpiece, a spy novel and a hilarious comedy. A dizzying mystery lover's Theatre. With 150 characters played by only 4 players. Poster is currently on Broadway, London, Madrid and 20 countries in the world, has won two Tony Awards and a Laurence Olivier.

In "39 Steps", a man with a boring life meets a mysterious woman claiming to be a spy. When taking home, she is killed. Before she can tell, the man is pursued by an organization called the The 39 Steps will not lose tread on a manhunt across the United States, with a finish so compelling that leave the audience breathless.

original London production, directed by Maria Aitken, was premiered at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn in August 2006 and was transferred to the Criterion Theatre in the West End on September 14, 2006. The original production in the United Kingdom was directed by Fiona Buffini. This production was licensed and movies distributed by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd.


The 39 steps in English The 39 Steps is a 1935 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based on the adventure novel "The Thirty-Nine Steps" by John Buchan. The film stars Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll.

There have been three major film versions of the book, the original, Hitchcock has been the most acclaimed of them all and still remains so. In 1999, the British Film Institute (BFI) placed fourth in the ranking of the best British films, while in 2004 the magazine Total Film ranked the twenty-first place of the greatest films of all time.

The 39 Steps is the most typical chase film of Hitchcock's British period as "With the North by Northwest" is for the American period. Throwing a drain full of unexpected, an innocent being tested in situations that are always new and often comical. Hitchcock given free passage to their imagination and fantasy and highly dramatic passages alternate with others of satirical comedy. Shows the spies traitors to England as big bourgeoisie. The denunciation of enemies within is a constant in his films, for whom the intelligence is an extension of war civil.


Canadian Richard Hannay is a London theater, attending a demonstration of the amazing powers of "Mr. Memory", a man with a superlative memory - when a scuffle and a shot rings out. In the ensuing panic, Hannay finds himself embracing a frightened Annabella Smith, who convinces him to take her to his apartment. Once there, he confesses that he is a spy chased by murderers who seek nothing more and nothing less than kill. The woman claims to have uncovered a plot to steal important Britain's military secrets. This plan has been prepared by a man with the tip of a finger cut, and is leader of a spy organization called the "39 Steps."

That night, Smith is fatally stabbed with a kitchen knife Hannay, but before dying warns you to escape. Hannay sneak out disguised as a dairy department and take a train to Scotland, where Smith said he would go in search of man. See that the police are searching the train and learns from the newspaper that, being suspected of murder, is the target of a nationwide persecution. Desperate, he enters a chamber and kisses the lone occupant, Pamela attractive, in an attempt to avoid arrest. The woman, however, get rid of his unwanted embrace and betraying betrays him to the police. Hannay jumps off the train and falls into the Forth Rail Bridge, and then escape.

spends the night with a poor old farmer and his young wife, who flirts with Hannay. The next morning, covered with a sack Sunday Farmer and walks toward the house which he had spoken to the ill-fated spy. There is the man with the severed finger, the seemingly respectable Professor Jordan, who shoots him after a brief conversation and takes it for dead. Fortunately, the bullet is embedded in the farmer's prayer book, which was tucked inside his coat pocket, and Hannay escapes unscathed again.

Goes to the police but they refuse to believe his story, well known as Jordan. Hannay jumps through the window and mixed with the crowd. Try to hide in a political rally where the presenter of the event is confused with another person, gives an impromptu pep talk (without knowing anything about the candidate for whom is impersonating). However, it is recognized by Pamela, who gives it away again. The alleged police are handcuffed together and taken away. When you pass by the nearest police station, Hannay realizes that they are agents of the conspiracy. When the car is stopped by a herd of sheep blocking the road, Hannay escapes, dragging a reluctant Pamela.

cross the field together, and spend the night in a hostel, but the girl still does not believe in the history of Hannay. While he sleeps, it is clear from the handcuffs, but then listen to sneak one of the fake cops on the phone, the conversation confirms the assertions of Hannay.

Pamela returns to the room and sleeps on a couch. The next day, Hannay tells what he heard, and they travel to London to pass it the police. However, no secret has been reported stolen, so they do nothing to help. Instead, decide to follow to locate Pamela Hannay.

leads Pamela to show Mr. Memory, in the London Palladium, where police surrounded the fugitive. When the actor is presented, Hannay recognizes its theme song, is the irritating and catchy tune that has not been able to forget for days. Hannay draws conclusions and realize that it is through Mr. Memory how to smuggle spies secret: have them memorized. When police custody puts Hannay, this asks the question: "What are the 39 steps?" When Mr. Memory compulsively begins to respond, Jordan shoots and tries to escape but is caught. The dying Mr. Memory recites the information stored in his brain, a design for a silent aircraft, and Hannay and girl hold hands. Faroni

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