Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ikusa Otome Suvia Vol.


Dario Grandinetti, Juan Leyre, Hugo Arana, and Jorge Marrale star in season farewell Final BARAKA hit play, from 22 April in the Sala Pablo Neruda's Paseo La Plaza, to celebrate the return of the work of their season in Spain. BARAKA The cast is completed with actress Carla Pandolfi and the direction is given by Javier Daulte. The overall production is Paul Kompel.

BARAKA, now seen by more than 300,000 spectators, made 2 years prior season in Buenos Aires, 2 summer seasons in Mar del Plata and an acclaimed national and international tour, performing in major cities, and in Bogotá , Montevideo and Santiago de Chile. In Spain, the play was presented in Barcelona. The final farewell season in Buenos Aires will be a milestone for one of the biggest theatrical event of the decade. BARAKA

is about the course of friendship of four men adults and what remains in common between them when life and commitments lead them to be in different life stances. Four men - friends since childhood - gathered under a maturity that supported both by the hope and the disappointment. BARAKA examines with humor and excitement the pleasure and difficulties of male friendship, as well as men could jeopardize their emotional health by the constant search for money, power and reputation. Dario Grandinetti

is Pedro, a public official from the cultural area with twenty years of service who lives a solitary life and whose main pleasure is treasured paintings ruled out by the museums managed by the Ministry. Faced with a surprise phone call to report that these paintings have become an unexpected market value, and having to return them as submissive, Peter enters into crisis, and it is where his childhood friends come to her aid. Juan Leyrado is John, an ambitious politician, constantly waiting for a position commensurate with his ego, in turn wrapped in a marriage in freefall, and who to learn from the misfortunes of his friend, generates a meeting with Thomas - Jorge Marrale - another of the friends, a lawyer unbalanced can barely keep a sense of sense of reality in his life, to handle the case. The quartet is completed by Martin - Hugo Arana - an adorable, slightly arrogant and wicked theatrical avant-garde director, charging both with a record of success for its first creative years and a subsequent record of significant personal events compromising.

Grandinetti - Leyre - ARANA - BARAKA



Wednesday at 20.45 pm.
Thursday at 20.45 pm.
Friday at 21.00 pm.
Saturday at 19.45 and 22.00 hours.
Sundays at 20.45 pm. Tickets

Plateas rows 1 to 10: $ 130
Plateas rows 11 to 18: $ 110
Pullman rows 1 to 4: $ 100


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