Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Changing views of the CRM system in 2011

As we move forward with the use of Dynamics CRM 2011 we detected are very small improvements requested by users on the Microsoft forums and have been included in this new version.
In CRM 4.0, it was not possible to change the system views, such as "active accounts" was not possible to change your filters. The menu was appearing as the following (without the possibility of changing the filters):
menu of options for a system view in CRM 4.0
Dynamics CRM in 2011, This has improved somewhat, so you can update them, as shown in the image:

Dynamics CRM system in 2011
there is still the possibility of eliminating these views of systems, but what can be done is to disable them. In this way we could (in the light of views of the entity, despite the redundancy, you can go to "More actions" Off "):

system views

So we can shake off the standard view of CRM, which sometimes get very upset.

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