Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bleeding 7 Days After Removal Of Cervical Polyp

Scardino, this Tuesday at 20 pm.

On Tuesday, do not miss a captivating program. With the exact sciences and with many dreams fulfilled and meet, come to visit Professor Eduardo Scardino.
Professor in Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics and Computation, more work in the theater, most of philately as a hobby, working with the University of Cordoba in the construction of an observatory in the province of Salta and many more activities. We waited just finished your work in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011.

many questions! Many things to know!
The sky as a backdrop and the stars and lights to receive an exalted guest. Listen

this evening, 20 pm, from Radio Open connection to the world, internet page http://www.maƱanapuedesertarde.com.ar/ . Write to
manianapuedesertarde@gmail.com .
I hope.


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