Friday, December 3, 2010

I Want Aetna How Much Should I Pay

Resources & open practices in formal educational settings ...

One of the unresolved issues on the road to sustainability of Open Educational Resources (OER) in education systems is their possible integration into the formal education courses. The fit of the OER in official courses - that is, its possible use as part of the learning materials, support tools metodolóigico and / or evaluation of knowledge resources - not only would ensure the reuse and maintenance their integrity as learning objects, but add value to the host systems, as they ensure a culture of openness, so far only found in some experiences of non-formal education.

In line with this approach, we designed a pilot project teaching innovation that aims to support the widespread use of open source and technologically mediated active methodologies in the field of an official master. The case involves the design and planning of the subject Knowledge Management in the Red of Officer Master Knowledge Society, the UNED . The planning will be based on open source hosted on the OCW UNED and a methodology based on the use of blogs and managed through the platform EduFeedr .

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