Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Designing Learning Environments in 3D Hybrid-

Apart from the advances in technology "hard" on my computer in the project Virtual Spain we are dedicated to basic social research. The party has both basic research makes it difficult to generate tangible products, but occasionally get something interesting. This is the abstract a paper in qeu we trabajanado:

technique Scenario-Based-Design (SBD) is used in the application development process and computer systems to be used by people to perform specific tasks. In this article we analyze the limits of this technique when applied to the design of social practice scenarios in highly immersive 3D environments. Based on the limitations of the SBD, we propose a series of methodological innovations generated in the context of basic research aimed at designing a learning environment based on advanced 3D technologies. As an approach to the concept of virtual worlds, which defines the scope by the project, details the process of socio-technical frame construction that underlies social practices provided in the 3D learning environment. It also builds the sequence used in design techniques from the approach to social innovation, as people, prototyping and story-telling. Finally, building on the progress reported, discussed the need for new conceptual and methodological tools to analyze new forms of sociability hybrid (online-offline) in which the limits of technological mediation are highly diffuse.


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