Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 Days Before My Period And My Cervix Feels Soft

I'm ready for this! DS106 ... Scenarios

It cites some motivations, objectives and open questions that motivate me to participate in the open course "Digital Storytelling "
- What is the storytelling (and digital storytelling ) and what role it plays in the educational discourse digital environments?
- Can digital narrative to support the redefinition of instructional design that prevails in the current virtual learning environments?
- Methodology: can be tracked, measured and evaluated a DIY course?
- Resources: technology-mediated environments should integrate resources of own components digital multimedia.
- A new reflection on the open & free : an open course to practice and giving freedom to the particular building.
- Participation: as the web, an open course only occurs if there is a social practice ... what are the best ways to channel it?


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