Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Workflow with type "dialog" in CRM 2011

In 2011 the old issue of workflow has been improved significantly. With the new version can still create the old workflows ( operating asynchronously) and we also have the ability to run "Dialogues".
Thus, defining a workflow, can be made step by step guides for users, support and other functions through flows that allow us to go asking for data to users and doing actions interactively.
In this post I will explain a small example of the functionality of these dialogues. Imagine that instead of creating an account in the traditional way (opening the form, filling out, etc) I want to guide users step by step to be filling in only certain data, and messages of support.
To begin, create a new "process" type "Dialogue":
creation process

Then we define the steps to follow (in this case only 2 steps) and publish the process:
dialogue process

In this process, simply a first step calls for the name and account number, and a second step calls for a qualification of it. Finally, the account is created with that data. Execute


filling out the first step:

And the second:

and complete the process:

As seen, is easy to process led to the creation of information in CRM, so that will be asking the user to fill in information.
just have done a bit of imagination to imagine everything he can to serve this new feature!
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