Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Notes on educational innovation in large institutions ...

are sufficient for two post are summarized form introduce large institutions the two main movements of innovation in higher education: the Social Learn and Open Educational resorces.

Key 1 / / In Thoughts on Alt-C , Graham Attwell summarizes his impressions of the event Alt-C 2009 and its one key institutional depth. The Open University, the largest European open university student numbers, firm commitment to two environments, the Social-Learn (project led by Martin Weller ) and Open-Learn (directed by Andy Lane). This commitment was made by the brand new Vice Chancellor Martin Bean, who on purpose avoided talking about the current LMS of the Open.

Key 2 / /
George Siemens presented in Utah State OpenCourseWare, lowriders, and system design , a future model for introducing Oers at the institutional level. The word that sums it is very obvious (at least for me it always has been): systematization. After years debating the two variables that affect the use of Oers, namely, the business model and curriculum fit, Siemens aims - from counterexample of Utah State OpenCourseWare of Utah State University - - the following crucial lessons:

"Most of open education initiatives have an organization focused on funding. But there is a solution. His name is systemization. (...) The opening should be incorporated into the curriculum design process - must be systematized (.. ..) While the start is kept separate from the rest of education, be seen as a cost reduction option. What in fact is rather silly. "


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