Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spotting Before Period Mucus

edupunk (iv) ...

explores Graham Attwell this post (required) in moving edupunk. The edupunk pasajaro is not a phenomenon because, in fact, already recognized in many of the innovative practices that use digital technologies in education mediation: personal learning environments, e-portfolios, mash-up education, open educational resources, mobile-learning , social software, etc..

Among the components that characterize the edupunk, there is one, the rejection of closed models that represent the LMS (not both VLE), which is difficult to integrate in schools with a certain size. Institutions need basic tools with predefined settings for teachers to conduct their educational practices. This service is usually assumed the LMS. For now, the models 'do-it-yourself' is not scalable, which is a barrier to adapciĆ³n in large institutions. Continue ...

Edupunk F-ALT 2008
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