Friday, October 24, 2008

Woke Up With Severely Swollen Lymph Node

instructional design 'online'-open ...

Coincidentally two articles have appeared convergent themes that shed light on a central section and -learning 2.0, such as instructional design. On the one hand, Graham Atwell wonders if instructional design is dead as we know it. Apparently, his view depends on the conceptualization that is made of "instructional design"
"Is instructional design dead? It depends, I suppose, what is meant by instructional design. Yes, if the focus revolves around the sequencing of learning objects and the figure of the master controller applications. But it is not if we talk about the development of materials to help people learn. "
and adds a final comment just as important:
"The global learning environment is not only the site (approach that goes beyond e-portfolios , the PLEs and VLE), the latest learning environment is the world around us, which of course includes the web. But it also includes people, books and our environment (physical). A major challenge for the future is how to ensure that the environment is rich in learning opportunities. "
The other comment on this point comes from Niall Sclater , which provides a continuum between open source and open content Finally, the design of open courses. His vision is far more pragmatic than that of Graham (Niall Graham is a technician and a sociologist), and their questions focused on the operational side:
"The opening of the course design process generates a series of questions: Do I feel comfortable if people can see the first versions of my work, which may be far from perfect? \u200b\u200bCompetitors will steal our ideas to be first in commercialization? (...) What happens if an open show my ignorance about some content of the course I'm doing? ".
Somehow, I have always understood everything related to SocialLearn and the movement of open educational resources as a cultural phenomenon-conceptual rather than technological or operational. It seems clear that these are issues that have no easy fit in conventional educational structures and whose implementation requires doses of voluntary leaving aside the cost-benefit analysis.
emmm ... also seems clear that movement is still under construction ...


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